Slovenian Fitness Organization

Client: Studio404
Technologies used: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, WordPress

A Fitnes site needed to be redesigned and I had to adapt a WordPress theme to make their needs. I did this project at Studio404 which deals with making web applications, kickstarter campaigns and more.

The theme was adapted to the blue style and some custom plugins were made to support the website. The video and gallery plugins that came with the theme were also adapted to fit YouTube videos.

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    Freelance software and web developer who also gets a kick out of cooking.

    @Medium Will you be providing any other pay methods for founding members? Like PayPal?

    @duetdisplay Caught my eye, purchased it, works great. Will there ever be partial WiFi support?

    I just published “Understanding time complexity of recursive algorithms”…

    @thinkful Thank you for letting me join your amazing mentoring team. Looking forward to a great new experience!