Client: ZavodYpsilon
Technologies used: Outlook, Power Point, Skype, Word

Simbioza is the largest volunteer project organized by the Institute Ypsilon, which is based on inter-generational cooperation, solidarity and the promotion of lifelong learning. In the week between 15 and 19 October 2011 young volunteers at the free workshops throughout Slovenia teach representatives of the older generation about using computers and the internet.

The main aim of the campaign is to provide a positive experience, inspire and strengthen their self-esteem, motivate them for further learning, using your computer and the Internet.

It aims to contribute to a higher level of computer literacy among the elderly in Slovenia, according to SURS for 90 percent of the population older than 65 years, have never used a computer or the Internet, which is well above the EU average.

I got involved in it because I love passing knowledge on and teaching other people.

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