Client: Studio404
Technologies used: CSS, Google Analytics, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, OpenCart, PHP, Sphinx, XML

This is a project that was passed on to Studio404 in the hopes of actually finishing it. It was built on OpenCart using a custom theme and a lot of new modifications had to  be done. I mostly did a lot of extra backend functionality and speed optimizations. A tagging system was added to the products, a lot of backend moficications using VQMODs were also made to support the specific needs of the client.

The checkout system which used a special plugin to support non-logged in users was later completely redesigned to support a multiple step checkout and Google Analytics tracking. To fasten the search system, Sphinx was added. The project also involved challenges on how to scale OpenCart and optimize the queries that were running in the backend. Multiple indexes were created to speed up query time execution. A live site is available here.

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