• Winescapes

    Meeting of students of landscape architecture checking out our vineyards Details
  • Register of Illegal Dumps

    Helping Slovenia become a cleaner country Details
    Register of Illegal Dumps
  • Slovenian Fitness Organization

    The Slovenian Fitness organization website Details
    Slovenian Fitness Organization
  • Medkulturnost

    Connecting people of various nationalities Details
  • E-apoteka

    Online pharmacy web store built on OpenCart Details
  • Bright Visuals

    Movie production company website Details
    Bright Visuals
  • Agency MAI

    A simple intuitive website for Agency MAI Details
    Agency MAI
  • UK Trade Surplus

    Selling site for cartridges Details
    UK Trade Surplus
  • Free plugins

    A variety of free plugins I have made, hosted in the WordPress repository Details
    Free plugins
  • Contact Congress

    Contact congress members regarding legislations Details
    Contact Congress
  • Awesome Branding

    Customize login and website with your brand and favicon Details
    Awesome Branding
  • Dynamic Shortcodes

    Create custom shortcodes in posts and pages Details
    Dynamic Shortcodes
  • Age Verification

    Allow webpage owners to verify the age of their users before showing the content Details
    Age Verification
  • Email Linker

    Create trackable email campaigns and store collected data Details
    Email Linker
  • Post Tweets

    Reply, retweet or favorite tweets based on your post title. Details
    Post Tweets
  • Rebuild Pages

    Recreate pages based on Majestic CSV file Details
    Rebuild Pages
  • Passive Indexation Check

    Send email notifications if site is not visited by Google Bot Details
    Passive Indexation Check
  • Bluestone Trading

    Diamonds and studs search engine and price point creation. Details
    Bluestone Trading
  • PMID Citations with Read

    Add PubMed citations to your content. Details
    PMID Citations with Read
  • Bluestone Trading Buy Module

    A plugin for inquiries for buying various diamonds and jewelry Details
    Bluestone Trading Buy Module
  • Simbioza

    Bringing generations together by teaching seniors basics of computer usage Details
  • Rails Girls

    Teaching girls that programming is fun Details
    Rails Girls
  • Smart Ninja instructor

    Web Development class for beginners Details
    Smart Ninja instructor
  • Thinkful mentor

    Web Development mentor at Thinkful. Details
    Thinkful mentor
  • G24 Contest Game

    A HTML5 Canvas basketball tracking game Details
    G24 Contest Game
  • OPS! Objects

    A VIP membership form for the online store OPS! Objects Details
    OPS! Objects
  • Ikona Stilska Preobrazba

    A contest form for a local store Ikona. Details
    Ikona Stilska Preobrazba
  • FL Studio Cookbook

    A cookbook about the basic concepts of FL Studio Details
    FL Studio Cookbook
  • DNA diversity index script

    A Python script for calculating DNA diversity index Details
    DNA diversity index script
  • QxMD Read Widget

    A widget that shows collections from the Read service Details
    QxMD Read Widget
  • Twitter feed

    Technical Lead @ Result, Mentor @Thinkful and Instructor @SmartNinjaOrg

    @graphqlsummit I was accepted as a speaker but when I replied to the email (speakers@) I got a delivery status erro… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

    Chaos Game Representation of a genetic sequence in Python - link.medium.com/wuwDd3N39S

    I just published Using the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm to draw evolutionary trees link.medium.com/0aig8iFN2S

    I just published “Why I now Understand WordPress Developers that do Free Content” medium.com/p/why-i-now-un…